Hunter Design is a full service residential interior design firm specializing in high-end equestrian design and modern farmhouses. We believe that being an equestrian is more than just riding horses: it’s a lifestyle. From new construction to renovation, we design functional, beautiful spaces that can bring your passion for horses right to your living room.


Whether you have horses, love horses, or just have a fascination for the equestrian aesthetic, we love connecting with like-minded clients. We would be honored to design your dream home.



Lindsay Hunter combines her enthusiasm for interior design with her passion for the equestrian lifestyle to create intentional, inspirational living spaces for people from all walks of life. Past clients appreciate her attention to detail and her ability to bring the best out of any space, no matter how large or small. Lindsay brings a wealth of knowledge, insightful understanding, and elevated scope to every project because she understands why a house should feel less like a building and more like an extension of your life, identity, and passions.

Now based in Nashville, Tenn., interior designer Lindsay Hunter graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. After an intensive study in art and architecture in Bologna, Italy, Lindsay went on to pursue her studies in Interior Design at Santa Barbara City College where she met the stringent educational requirements necessary to receive her certification in June 2009.


Through collaborations with talented Santa Barbara architects and designers such as Harrison Design Associates, Lori Smyth Design, Randy Franks Studio, and Peter Becker, AIA, Lindsay has made a name for herself by blending a uniquely California aesthetic with a distinct Southern charm. With her growing portfolio of nationwide clients, she established Lindsay Hunter Design in November 2010 and bears the distinction of being certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification.


When she’s not researching a design or pursuing the perfect finishing touches for her latest project, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her husband, her two children, and her horse, Remington.



Treasure My Remington brings a wealth of knowledge to the design industry from his ten years of experience living and breathing the equestrian lifestyle.  Although many of us calls ourselves "equestrians," Remington's qualifications exceeds that of his peers.  His understanding of the way horses live is an invaluable resource to our firm. 

Remington is registered with the American Paint Horse Association.

My Story

I have been an equestrian since I was five years old. Horses aren’t just my hobby: they’re my passion, my lifestyle, and they represent who I am to the core. We have a running joke in my house that my natural scent is Au de Cheval.  


During my years of riding in Pony Club, fox hunting, playing polo, and working for the International Polo Club in the luxury horse world of Wellington, FL, I grew up immersed in the equestrian lifestyle and surrounded by high end equestrian design. In high school, my first job was working for Ralph Lauren. When I saw how he translated the equestrian lifestyle into a home, I was transfixed. My experiences watching Ralph Lauren’s designs come to life continues to inspire me today in my own work as an interior designer.


Interior design has been a part of my life since I was a child, in large part because of my father’s work as a real estate investor. My dad specialized in high end residential properties.  He would take me to jobsite meetings, stone yards, and to look at properties he was thinking about buying for renovation. I remember one house in particular that we looked at when I was about eight years old. As we walked through the house, Dad asked me what I would do to the house if I could make the decisions. I began mentally demolishing the house. I told him that I would start by removing the green shag carpet and the popcorn ceiling, and the 70s wall paneling would definitely have to go. Later, my dad found out from his realtor that the old woman who lived there, had raised her family there, and was now widowed and planning to downsize, was listening to us on the intercom system, and she would absolutely not sell the house to a little girl who was going to tear her beloved house apart. Needless to say, my dad lost the sale, but fortunately he had a good sense of humor about it. By nine years old, I had announced to the family that I was going to be an interior designer.


I shine my best and brightest light when I’m combining my experiences in the equestrian lifestyle with my deep-seated understanding of the elements of interior design. I love historic houses with soul, modern farmhouses, old barns, tack rooms, and the trappings of sophisticated country living. There’s nothing I love better than mixing antiques and modern elements to create warm, inviting spaces where individuals and families can live, love, and play – because life is too short to live with bad design.